Katfile Premium: the leading file hosting website

Katfile.com is an online platform that allows internet users to store or back up their files remotely. These files include images, audio, videos and flash. The platform provides users with essential tools for uploading and downloading files whenever they need to store or share them with third parties. This comes in handy if you need to share files that may be too large to send via email. The best part is that the cloud storage services offered by this platform are free, but you can always upgrade to a Katfile premium account to access extra tools and perks.

Since its launch the year 2016, the company has gained popularity to become one of the leading file hosting websites available today.

User Interface

Katfile.com has a very simple, but remarkable user interface that is extremely user-friendly and navigable. This makes it relatively easy for internet users to upload files seamlessly.

Interestingly, you do not even have to register before you can upload files. However, signing up is always a good idea, especially if you want to make money from their affiliate program, or manage your files and documents.

As mentioned before, joining Katfile.com is 100% free. Moreover, the process of registering is fast and simple, as you only need to create a username and provide your email address. You also need to create a password and enter a CAPTCHA code for security reasons. You will be able to access your dashboard as soon as you complete the sign-up process.

The dashboard is well-arranged and easy to use, allowing users to upload, download, delete or manage files. You can also copy and move/share documents depending on your needs.

Like most file hosting providers, the main language used is English. However, you can select your preferred language ranging from Farsi to Dutch. This makes it the perfect cloud storage platform for international internet users.


Operating a Katfile.com account is exceptionally easy. You may upload files via File Upload by browsing your computer or Remote URL upload. Interestingly, Remote URL upload supports up to 10 different URLs at a time. Furthermore, you may upload any file you want, including photos, audio, videos and important documents.

However, according to their terms and conditions, users may not upload nude photos, pornographic videos and copyrighted materials. Additionally, Katfile has a restriction on the size of documents or files you can upload. This limit stands at a maximum of 2024 MB, which is approximately 2 GB.

Unlike uploads that are limited to 2 GB, you can download files of up to 20 GB at a time. This is a great feature considering the fact that most file hosting providers are somehow restrictive on upload and download caps. Nevertheless, this feature is only available to Katfile premium account holders.


Katfile.com has enforced one of the best security mechanisms (in-transit encryption) to protect members from hackers. The company guarantees to uphold your privacy and protect the integrity of your files. For instance, unlike other file hosting providers, members cannot search for files uploaded by other users. This protects your files from illegal access by unauthorized people.

Besides upholding your privacy and confidentiality, Katfile.com are extremely cautious as far as copyright laws are concerned. Uploading files that infringe copyright laws is an offence, and these files may be deleted or blacklisted without warning. Furthermore, Katfile does not allow hotlinking of files, further upholding the integrity of this platform.

Katfile Membership Plans

Katfile offers two types of membership. These include:

Katfile Free Account

Free membership comes with dozens of exciting features and services, but with various restrictions. Account holders can only enjoy download speeds of 100 KB/sec. Furthermore, you have to wait for a few seconds before your download can start. In essence, you have to contend with adverts and enter a CAPTCHA code before you can initiate a download process.

Another downside of the free membership plan is that it does not support parallel downloads. On the other hand, uploads are capped to 2 GB only. This means that you may be forced to delete some of your files to create space for new documents.

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Katfile Premium Account

Free membership has numerous restrictions on download and upload speeds, and storage space. For this reason, it is sensible to upgrade to a Katfile premium account. Katfile Premium members enjoy plenty of incisive services, including high download speeds, and unlimited parallel downloads. Furthermore, your files are kept on the Katfile server for one year.

katfile speed

Additionally, premium account holders enjoy 1-click download with no timeouts. Furthermore, you do not have to wait for your downloads to start. Unlike free membership that is limited to 2GB, premium subscribers can upload files up to 20GB.

What is more amazing is that running a Katfile Premium account is relatively affordable. Members have four payment plans, including:

7 Days30 Days60 Days365 DaysLifeTime

Pros of Katfile Premium

  • Fast upload/download speeds
  • Relatively affordable payment plans
  • Up to 20 GB storage
  • You get to enjoy unlimited parallel downloads
  • No download queues or timeouts
  • Supports various download managers
  • No Captcha codes
  • It has advanced security

Customer Support

The support services offered by Katfile need a lot of improvement. They do not have Live Chat or a phone number for members to contact the company’s support representatives. You may only send your queries via email ticketing, which is somehow slow.

Bottom line:

Based on the benefits that you stand to gain, becoming a Katfile premium member is worth the price. Premium members enjoy plenty of exceptional services, including fast upload and download speeds, unlimited parallel downloads, 20 GB storage space and so many more. The best part is that your files remain on the Katfile serves for one year, meaning that you do not have to walk with a USB disk or hard drive to access some of your important documents.

Want to read more? Check out the website here:https://katfile-premium.com/